Quiet Waters Salon Hair Color

Joico Hair Color

New! Joico Lumishine Color

Lumishine  delivering astonishing shine, color longevity and overall healthier hair—guaranteed!

You will have 100% replenished and restrengthened hair with nourishing protection that seals in moisture softness and shine. And….Lumishine color SMELLS AMAZING!! It is formulated with Joico’s exclusive Gentle Fresh Fragrance technology,a patented combination of molecules that envelopes your color service in fresh soothing notes of bergamot,iris and sandalwood. Client comfort is off the charts. 

Joico Age Defy Color

Bring back the glorious look and feel of youth with Joyce’s Age Defy, the first haircolor proven to reverse the four key signs of maturing hair.

Age Defy permanent crème palette offers the largest selection of gray coverage  shades on the market plus three anti-aging must-haves in each tube of color: Softer more manageable texture; Renewed luster and vibrancy; and Top-of-the-line conditioning.